Another Boardgame Design Competition? Why not!

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Another Boardgame Design Competition? Why not!

Heard of DFW Nerd Night? Well they recently asked for entries for their boardgame competition and I am one of the contestants!

Before I go on, make sure to check out both the judges and sponsors. The sponsor list actually EXCEEDED the number of contestants (24), which is awesome!! JR Honeycut Is quite the hustler haha.

Unlike other design competitions, the #DFWNN competition has some really cool restrictions.

  • We will be sent a component package by Panda Manufacturers and are FORCED to only design with the components shipped!
  • The deliverable include a fully functional game, rulebook and video explaining the rules. There are some “bonus point” things you can submit like gameplay videos, design diary (this!) and playtest reports. You can find the specific rules of the competition here.
  • We have up until February 20th to design a game (that is less than 1 month!). I have participated in a BoardGameJam before that went on a span of 2 days and i must say, I really love designing with a time restriction :D
  • As one of the handful of Canadian participant, we will sadly enough receive our component package later than the American participants…. However this has NOT stopped me from starting with general brainstorming.

Since I still do not have the component package in my hands, what I have done is to break down the video that JR made. If you havent seen this video yet, check it out below!

Here is the written component list that I extracted and am currently pondering over. I will add an image once I receive the package!

  • 1 Magnetic box
  • 1 Felt Bag
  • 5 Blue crystals
  • 5 Different colored cubes
  • 5 different colored discs (save color as the ones above)
  • 2 Dice (one going from 1 to 5 + a panda face)
  • 2 Card stands
  • 1 Panda meeple
  • Punch board with panda face.
  • 3 packs of 25 cards each (3 different card stocks)
  • A few other miniature, tokens and coins
  • Plastic wrapper

At this point, without having the components in hand, I have taken the liberty of finding some makeshift components that are somewhat the same to the package that I will be receiving.

Component Picture

Here are some general thoughts that I have had so far!

  • The 5 different colored cubes + discs allow for easy player tokens. It also can be used for 5 different resources on a tracker.
  • Felt bag allows for random draws. It could also be a nice storage solution (think Love Letter).
  • There aren’t a lot of resource components, however if we needed to track a specific resource, using a tracker + components is a viable route.
  • The Panda meeple + face can have some good synergies since it can track something in two different places at the same time.
  • I don’t want to have more than 25 card type due to the different card stock quality. However I could have 3 different types of cards with each deck not exceeding 25 cards!

Good luck to all the contestants, may the design gods be with us all :D

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