Egg lamp

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Egg lamp

So this project is actually quite old now, from first semester, as a final project for the visual forces class. But only now is when i actually feel like putting it up!

Anyways the project in short was to take an object, and change it into another object. In my preliminary design i was planning to use pop cans (i didnt like my idea therefore i hoped to get a lucky break), but then i managed to find these egg cartons lying on the street while walking down on Bathurst one night with my sister after eating at Nirvana (which had really good food btw!)

I actually made two versions of this lamp but will only be showing the first one (since sometime ago i actually managed to unintentionally format my mac while playing around with bootcamp…) but if you want to have a sneak peek of the second one, keep refreshing this page until it shows up on the banner lol. I managed to upload one there before i lost the photos.

The inside frame is made up of bent metal wire, which was a hell to bend to that shape + super hard to thread those cartons on. But it was all worth it :P The second lamp got its red color by dipping it in watered out red ink.

Also another aspect which was quite fun was to create the light circuit from scratch (getting parts from “Active Surplus” on Queen street). Managed to short circuit our apartment.. twice due to connecting the switch wrong lol!

Small video showing me preparing the egg carton by poking holes in them and cutting off the top. Its a time lapse movie so its pretty interesting to watch!

Egg lamp prep from Paul Tseng on Vimeo.


  1. Paul
    16 Dec ’09

    The thing i kept cutting out was the tip of the egg carton so more light would come through
    I stuck them together by creating two small holes through it and forcing a metal wire through it… tedious work.. blister heaven!

  2. Danyal Khan
    15 Dec ’09

    thts amazing. tht seemed to take forever!! how many egg cartoons was that O_O
    oh and wht did u keep cutting out? or cutting. was it the top? howd u stick it together? just curious seems really interesting.

  3. Paul
    8 Mar ’09

    Thanks, lets hope the good days keep rolling :P

  4. dayla
    5 Mar ’09

    nice projects!=)


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