Etsy strategy + Gameboy Tetris Poster

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Why Make Posters?

When it comes to these weekly blog posts, my end goal is really to create convenient stock for my Etsy shop that i can sustain without spending too much time. Posters is a category that i want to put my focus on for a few reasons.

  • I like working on smaller graphic design projects without the long turnaround time that come with creating such as a book (what kind of binding, cover, written content)
  • It is a form of “passive” income where create the poster once, then set and forget (until someone orders it that is!)
  • Just like a painting, it provides a clean canvas for me to create each time i create a new poster. (Right now I am making a Tetris related poster, while 2 weeks from now i will be focusing on something totally different)
  • I have a Pixma Pro9000 which allows me to print on demand in my apartment (without relying on external facilities like a wood shop or rapid prototyping lab)

So in a nutshell, what i am aiming for is to consistently be creative by creating, adding to and up keeping an ever-growing collection of posters that can easily be sustainable with the equipment i already have (wide format printer) for my Etsy store.

Gameboy Tetris Pieces

As some of you may know, my thesis ended up being on Tetris and that’s what my first poster theme is going to be! During my thesis i put the focus on the NES version of Tetris. It was not the Tetris version i used to play during my childhood (I have played lots of it by now though :P), what i had been the gameboy version!

What i wanted to create was a facade of Tetris pieces covering a whole poster, making it into a solid 11x17in wall full of Tetris pieces. First I carefully studied the screenshot of the gameboy version of Tetris (my Tetris game is somewhere in my parent’s basement…) to create right vector versions of the blocks. I then started tiling them until they filled up an 11x17in sheet of paper at a nice size. Here are the results + its posting on Etsy!

Printing Hung up Close up_2

More Tetris Related Ideas

This was the first idea i wanted to make and here are some other ones i might explore further later down the road! Even though my thesis has ended, don’t expect Tetris/gaming to disappear from my themes when it comes to poster creation :D

  • Isometric/3D Tetris blocks (which i lightly explored)
  • A timeline of the different Tetris blocks (there are TONS of tetris games out there!)
  • Real life Tetris pieces

Stay tuned to the coming weeks blog posts. As for my other goals, I am staying on top of my financial deposits + latte art is shaping up! Some unexpected turn of events, I have recently gotten a few other side gigs when it comes to website design so when the time is right, ill show those to you guys. See you later space cowboy!

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