Gaming Pillows

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Origins of the gaming pillows

One thing that i do quite often is to combine my gaming passion with a creative endeavour. This gaming + pillow combination started back when i first too a guerilla entrepreneur class and made a pokemon pillow as a product.

Agricola pillows

The next gaming pillows i made after the Pokemon pillow were two Agricola game pieces. This was made as a secret santa present for Dennis. We were quite the farmers back in the day! Agricola is a worker placement boardgame where you are in charge of a farm. Throughout the game you improve your farm with crops, animals and house improvements  When the game ends, you count how many points your farm has and whoever has the most victory points win! Super fun game, certainly a great boardgame that I would recommend people who want to explore the deeper and moderately complex realm of boardgames.

Agri IconsAgri Pillows

Triforce pillow

The most recent pillow I made was a chubby triforce for Archie (Daniel). This was a commission request by him. I have still not shown it to him because i want to make another triforce with some minor improvements. The one in the image below is somewhat chubby + rounded corners. It now looks more like a chunk of cheese/huge Dorito. What I might aim for is to have identical triforce pillows spread around to friends. Perhaps one day wayyyy down the road, we can get together and stack our triforces together haha.TriforceThere will be more pillows popping up here and there in the future. Stay in tune for more fluff balls!


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