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After a lot of mix ups and date changes, Guru ended up celebrating his birthday on a Friday in downtown Toronto instead of at his place on a Saturday to Sunday kinda deal.

So the first place we went to was “O’Grady’s tap & grill”. Here we ate a bit and pre drank before the club, so this is ofcourse a gay bar and at 10pm “bear” night was suppose to happen! (Big hairy guys?) We stayed there until 11 and during all that time, we had not encountered one bear… i was kinda disappointed about that.. lol

Next was “The Barn” which was the gay club we went to after. At the entrance, we hear that the club has been split up into the normal club and a Caribbean side, we went to the normal side though… (Kinda wanted to check out the Carribean side also!)

Once we got in, it was pretty empty, i must say that when it peaked, the place was still pretty empty haha (probably due to the -19 outside!) The club had two floors, on the upper floor there was a pool table! When i wandered alone up there after tons of dancing, there was this one girl and me on the second floor so i asked her if she wanted to shoot a friendly game of pool.. what a mission and a half! I swear we couldnt figure out the coin combination for the longest time + we didnt have enough 25cents so she went downstairs to get some. In the end we DID figure it out (You had to put the looney and the two 25cents on the left side for it to accept it… By the time we figured it out, the whole crew had come up and it became a tag team match (me and tim VS Dorothy +this other guy. We lost btw xD

Also a bit later, me and Guru went to buy some drinks, he didnt have enough money so he told me to wait a bit so that he could take money out of the debit machine. He went to use the debit machine and he managed to put his card in the wrong slot! So his card pretty much got stuck in there, we tried using two other cards to slowly grab it out but it just kept on going more in! I started scavenging my pockets to see if i could use something to take it out with and thats when i came over a sticky note on my cellphone! (It was a memo for me to remember to meet Anson at OCAD at 9:45am!) I peeled it off, put in the sticky side of the sticky note, slowly slit the sticky note out and voila! The debit card came out with it! Yay for MacGyver skills? xD

Moving away from pool and debit machines, i was hit on by two different guys! That just made this whole gay experience worth while haha. The first time was when we were just normally dancing and this guy tapped me on the shoulder and said (I like your scarf, have you met my friend Chris) and he points to a guy standing right next to him. By this time Guru grabs me and we make it seem like im taken while Ness went to speak to Chris (not sure what you two were talking about but o well xD). Dodged the first incident pretty flawlessly haha.

The second incident started at the coat checks at the end of the night. Both Ness and guru had just left and i was “kinda” alone (there were these other people i had met which i dont remember the names of..!) that were with me. I saw that the coat check guy had gone and gotten a jacket without any ticket and there was this white guy (if i would guess i would say he was in his 30′s) walking up and this is when i said “Im guessing thats your jacket, right?” (This is what i SHOULDNT have done, i think he took an interest in me after that) Then he went with something in the lines of “how did you know” and we started to chit chat. I kinda tried to keep my distance but when i went out, he came shortly after and we started talking a bit more and thats when i said that im straight, just to break away from him lol. He didnt really stop, he then wanted me to swap #’s + he started to talk about his straight boyfriend and how he would love to have me join him them for dinner. I did some more “thanks but no thanks” maneuvers, and in the end he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek while we parted ways… I must say though, gay guys are really friendly and probably tons of fun to be with but i highly doubt that im converting anytime soon!

After that i started 30min walk home which went faster than expected! And that pretty much concluded the night! it was fun xD

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