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So the time has come to write a final summary of my thesis. I was unable to keep weekly updates on my thesis, which was a shame! However I am glad it turned out in the end and I am certainly looking forward for life beyond OCADU!

My thesis in a nutshell can be described in an equation that goes as following

Tetris (graphic design + interactive objects)

In my four years of graphic design, i have realized that graphic design is all about communicating “graphically” by any means necessary. By looking at the word “graphic” we see that it has multiple meanings, but more importantly the meanings do not specify a specific dimensionality. In an occupation that relies heavily on two dimensional printed media to convey a message, what i wanted to do was to challenge the comfort zone of graphic design through communicative interactive objects.

Through the use of a variety of tools and skills that are more focused on fabrication, my objects went beyond the two-dimensional realm that graphic design usually resides in to communicate the essence of Tetris. By taking advantage of my skill set, multiple avenues open that allowed me to represent these different aspects of Tetris in unique and engaging methods.

What I will be taking with me beyond my thesis on Tetris is this extended definition of graphic and to me how graphic design is purely a tool to communicate a topic clearly and vividly. Graphic design is certainly an occupation that has embraced evolution andI believe that it will quickly move towards the third dimension in the near future.

Below are some images of the last objects that I created, the three aspects they communicate are the block formations, the drop rate and the point system. To go more in-depth on my objects, download my process book.

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