Ida jr the Dolphin!

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So recently me and my friend Ida Maria started chatting about the different kinds of candy that there were in Canada and i told her straight out, to be honest, Norwegian chocolate beats most stuff in Canada hands down. I dont think canada really has a candy that is above standard AND Canadian so… After that she offered to send some chocolate over from Norway and i totally accepted that offer, how could i turn that down!?

Later on she asked if i could make her something and usually i dont make anyone anything if its on a “wanna make me something nifty” whim but since she is an old friend AND she put effort into sending me some amazing chocolate, how can i resist =)

So i ended up making this dolphin (it was initially a whale but turned into a dolphin!) Its hand sewed and stuffed + it has a metal wire for it to hang on stuff! Hopefully if i manage to get into the exchange programs, ill take a trip back to Norway, meet friends and of course give this dolphin!

The chocolate has arrived!

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