Day: Jan 19th

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So im changing the formatting of how im updating this Glasgow trip. I was thinking of this nice analogy with a basketball match, whats more interesting, watching a full game from start to finish or just watching the highlights. For the majority, highlights do just fine soooo thats what im changing to. Whenever there is something worthy of taking note of then i do it up!

Our class have planned a trip to Amsterdam once the term is over. Its quite sweet that they do things like this, its definitely going to be interesting. For this trip you have to book your own transportation.

Thats where the trouble started, i pretty much spend half a day checking stuff out, making sure it was alright then went along with the booking process. At the end of it, i click the pay button and an error occurs + i didnt get a confirmation ticket…What happens next is that i call them up and they say just to wait a few hours for the confirmation ticket and if it didnt arrive by then, give another call (note that it already says on my online bank that they have taken the money!)

So the next day, still no confirmation email and i give them another call (these calls are 10p per minute so its quite steep!). I call up and it seems like the transaction didnt go through due to my credit limit… sigh i need to fix that.

Later on in the day i went to the Vic to play some pool with Maria and Hannah. Had two pints over there before Maria had to head out, after that i headed out with Hannah and this other guy to “The State” which is another bar. On the basement floor, there were many elderly people playing cards and dominos. Nice atmosphere! When the basement closed at 10pm, we went one floor up where it was open! There we danced together with Phoebe, Eve and this other guy we just met. After a while we headed towards “Sleazy’s” another bar down the street where we met Hannah’s favorite bartender who she says makes the best gin and tonic! After going through 4 or so places + a couple of drinks, we bought a chicken ticca kebab. It was yummy!

When we got home, the eating didnt stop and we ended the night with some chips and chocolate mousse.

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