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I ended up seeing some posts about recording mouse movements through IO Graphica while playing League of Legends and I thought I would put in my two cents (since I did some research on this during my thesis this year). I also love playing League of Legends and feel that it certainly is a game that allows for this kind of research depth!

I tried multiple ways of recording mouse movement and mouse clicks, IO Graphica for me had some downfalls in my opinion (but is certainly a quick and easy way to see your actions). But here are some things I realized about recording LoL with IO Graphica.

  • You cannot break down different phases of the game. Where is the intense back and forth clicking vs the later part of the game where we all roam around.
  • It does not show any mouse clicks, only mouse movements and linger time.
  • It is quite restrictive with its output format which makes is not really editable.

What i ended up doing was to look for an alternative way of recording gaming data and the best process I found is something along these lines.

Use a keylogger on yourself

I wanted a keylogger that could easily cull and edit the actions that were done and Jitbit Macro Recorder allowed me to do that. It brought the gaming data out of the game and into raw editable actions. Below is the text file that the keylogger ends up giving to you, it is better to edit this in the Jitbit interface though!


If you want to have the mouse movements, in the keylogger software, cull all the mouse clicks, change the delay between the points to a low number and add a left click down action to the beginning and a left click up action to the end. Now bring it into a software like Photoshop, full screen the program and use the airbrush tool. With this, you have full control over how it will look like in the end.


When you have gotten the above image, turn it into grey scale and convert it into a heightfield in a software like Rhinoceros. This is yet again another way of looking at the data. I also put the mouse clicks onto this one by running the original script on full screen with the point tool in Rhinoceros. This was interesting for me because I wanted to bring this data into the third dimension.

Beyond the screen

 I ended up CNC milling out the shape just to see how it would look like. This was pretty much how far I got into researching this topic before I ended up going into another direction.

If I had followed this topic further, what I would probably do is to also do a fraps recording of the gaming session to see things like when the early, mid and late game periods are and cut them into parts with the keylogger. The comparison between beginners and professional players was also an avenue that I would have followed up on. Also looking into different ways of creating an interesting final physical piece (unlike the not so aesthetically CNC milled foam I have above). Perhaps I will look into it in the future, who knows!

As a first post I share on Reddit, hope you like it!

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