Life + CNC machine

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Life + CNC machine

The summer went quite well, after coming back from Norway, I knew that I had to take summer school since the exchange student program I did mentioned that I would not receive any liberal study (but in the end I DID get a liberal course which i could not use since they told me too late + I took it over the summer… =_=). Anyhow I ended up taking 4 courses over the summer! I did it so that my course load during thesis would be a bit lighter as I am in my 4th year + taking a year-long thesis program (highly recommend people taking summer school, I should have done it earlier, that’s not sarcasm!).

As the fall semester began, so did thesis. I managed to get Roderick Grant as a thesis teacher which i am quite happy so far. I am also taking two other classes,

Beyond school, my sister, her bf and i ended up buying a CNC machine. If you don’t know what a CNC machine is, watch this video (has one of the most enthusiastic commentary ive heard in a while ‘sarcasm’). Here is also a photo of it with my sister in the background. It’s currently in Matthews garage uptown, but hopefully in the coming future it will be relocated somewhere closer to Toronto (or that’s what im hoping!)

A vacuum table is being made for it so the production of objects has been put on hold for now (this is to hold flat pieces of material down without the use of clamps). It has been a huge project for both Fei and Matthew, not so much me haha. Since i still havent seen the machine firsthand! I’ll probably head up there when all the things are working as intended, kinda leaving the setup process to those two :P

Another thing that happened this summer (and is still going on) is both my sister and i doing some commission work for a cabinet company called PDT. Its kind of being dragging out for a bit but hopefully we will it under wraps soon!

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