Light art

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Well its been awhile since ive updated (aw not again!) and projects that i want to put up are piling up (you deserve that!) so i guess its time to start updating again!

I had this photography project sometime ago where the first stage was to answer 12 question that someone else made for you. After that you had to incorporate some (or all) of those Q’s into a photography that represented yourself.

Recently inclass we had a light art demonstration so i decided to do that technique for this project, just to play around a bit with it. Photography light art in a nutshell; keep the shutter open in a totally dark room while drawing funny things with a flashlight!

What i used for a light source was my Ipod touch, uploading images of pure color onto it, i was able to get whatever color i wanted! The screen was a bit big so i cut a small hole into a cardboard piece and covered the screen lol. Another light source i used to get a more diffused look was a candle light.

For the type letters i drew in the images, i didnt use the “screen” function on photoshop (it woulda been easier though!) instead i did it all in one go, turning off the light each time i wanted a new word. The good thing about this technique is that if you have a totally dark room, you can keep the shutter open and take as long as you want to draw whatever you want, nifty stuff!

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