Mission: Homemade Sketchbooks!

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Mission: Homemade Sketchbooks!

So i made myself a goal this year to create every notebook/sketchbook that i would use through out the year . They all have to be different in some way or shape compared to its predecessors. Hopefully when i do this, ill master the way of the bookbinder =)

So the first notebook ive made and currently using was bound by a technique called “coptic binding” which gives this a nice exposed spine. An advantage of this bindingtechnique other than being pretty, when you open the book and lay it flat, it actually lays flat! Since there is no tension around the spine in a coptic binding prevents it from jumping back up when put flat. Refer to the image (the one to the right) where i compare a paperback spine vs the coptic binding to see the differences when lying down.

Im currently a bit less than half way with this sketchbook so ill have to make a new one in a month or two im guessing o.O


  1. To: Juli + Mjolk!
    26 Jun ’11

    [...] Coptic Binding [...]

  2. Nancy
    29 Jan ’10

    Cool! :D you should make me one :p

    btw I added you to my link list~ hope that’s alright :3 stole that middle picture for the banner~


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