Multiple dogs and a… camel?

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Multiple dogs and a… camel?

So yet again i went on my adventure to grab some dog photos. This time though, my homework would also depends on these photos (putting that aside since the project that i did with the photos didnt become as good as i expected it to become!).

Anyways i started walking down east on Queen street all the way to the Toronto city hall, when i realized that they had an event going on there. A lot of kids were eager to go skating as soon as the ice rink machine would finish setting the ice properly. Anyways, on the side, the Toronto Zoo had brought some animals to show (and who would expect a camel to be there!). After seeing the camel i went walking around a bit and saw a really cute dog with a green sweater. As the owner had their backs turned, i went close to him/her and took a few photos, all happening at a blink of an eye.

After sometime there, i kept walking east on Queen until i turned on some random road to the right. THen turned right again, and lucky me, a park full of dogs! So i started following a few of them and after taking multiple photos, i left the area. At the same time, a dog and their owner also left in the same direction as me. We went the same path for a good 5 min and just before we split paths, a stop sign gave me the perfect opportunity to take some close up photos and i must say that during that small timeframe of around 10 sec with the stop light, i took around 1 shot per 1.5 sec (removed some of the blurry ones).

After that i went West on Front and then at the end, home.

The last dog there is a photo taken while i was walking back from school a day or two later. Decided to add it here. You can usually spot this dog waiting in front of a store on Queen street. His/her owner probably is a Queen street shopper fan!

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