My new obsession

Posted by on Jan 31, 2009 in Blog | 2 Comments
My new obsession

So my first obsession in this blog was dogs. Now that winter has come around, my hands are too cold to be sneaking around outside while taking photos… Therefore i got myself a new hobby, to play billiard! Currently i still see myself as a “noob” but moving my way up at a steady pace. There is this pool place 5 min away from my apartment on Queen street so i go there at least once a week. Here are some photos from the time I played pool with Fahd and Alan in Brampton!


  1. Hishaan
    5 Apr ’09


    dude square time billiards, let’s go!

    • Paul
      7 Apr ’09

      Lol you mean “new times square billiard” on yonge? If so then sure, give me a time and ill be there :P

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