Norway, the beginning

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One month later I update with some Norway images! Better late than never.. right?! :D

So as I arrived in Norway, i luckily had two of my buddies (Simen and Petter) pick me up from the airport. We went straight to a shopping mall where we bought ingredients for burritos! After that we headed over to Ida’s (Ida and Marte were there from before) place where we started prepping up. Marius came a bit later which was the queue to start digging in. The burritos were quite good. During the dinner we also decided that the next day, we would go to Sweden!

The next day when we went to Sweden, we stocked up on a lot of goodies and alcohol. It’s quite cheap over there so we tried maxing our quota’s as much as possible :P

My first sleeping place was at Marius. His parents were super nice and had this really rigid (and awesome) food plan throughout the week. Such diligence I must say! A few days later we had a mini movie night at Marius where we saw In Bruges + played with cool remote-controlled helicopters! Unfortunately one of them kinda broke (it now spins crazily since one rotor has a different velocity than the other o.O). Another fun toy we were playing with were these small round magnets. Super addictive!

I also took a huge walk around the area where I used to live. First I went to an old neighbor named Solveig. She is a really sweet lady who I totally remember from my childhood. As I surprised her (by randomly ringing her doorbell after 7 years), she let me in and we had a long talk about everything. Before I left she made sure to tell me that I should call her so that we could eat together before I left! Free food yay! :P As I walked around in the neighbourhood, there was still snow on the ground which was nice. I walked all the way to Bryn Senter and looked at how things were going over there. As I walked back to Marius, I saw the ice cream truck! It had changed color from the iconic blue that I remember to some weird yellow…. well that didn’t discourage me from buying a pack of sandwiches :D (didn’t manage to finish them off so I bet they are still in the freezer at Marius’s)

I also went multiple times to the center of Oslo. Always nice to go around to the pier and snap some photos here and there. The pizza place called Peppes Pizza has really yummy pizza, if you go to Norway, don’t be fooled by its “fastfood” look. Its good stuff! The one new building that I had to check out was the Opera House. It is one of the newest tourist places in Oslo.

Later on Per, Petter, Stian, Jon, Marius, Edda and Me would grab a beer while catching the last glimpse of sun as it set. Quite nice (but probably not legal) place to drink at! Things to note about the Opera house pint, the guy who was looking for beer bottles + a guy stretching his legs in a dark blue training suit!

Note: I was using my 50mm lens (which becomes a 75mm’ish lens due to my body) This makes it hard to get a whole big building in one shot. You will know what I mean when you look through the images!

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