Norway, the end

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A few weeks pass and here is the second installation of the Norwegian trip!

I went to Trondheim to visit Simen together with Petter. It was literally tons of fun for the short amount of time we were there. We went to two concerts while we were over there, one of them being BigBang. I also heard a bit of Nas which was quite sweet for the few seconds I passed the door (I didn’t have tickets to that one sooo…!)

One of the main attractions in Trondheim is the Nidaros cathedral so we obviously had to go there and check it out! I have been to my fair share of cathedrals in my lifetime and this was one of the higher-ups on my list haha.

We also went and checked out Simen’s school. The campus was really REALLY huge. Think of something on par or bigger than UoT, that’s what it was haha. While we were exploring the campus, we came across this sphere which was swinging around in circles in an over shaped path. Every 7 minutes it would tip a metal cylinder which was standing up. Quite nifty way to see when your lunch break ends! :P

A cool thing about Simen’s roommates (Steffen and Teodor) is that they made their own beer! I tried it and it’s not that shabby. So instead of buying beer, just make your own with plastic barrels!

While we were there, breakfast consisted of egg, bacon, beans and bread. We made some killer nachos while we were there, really good stuff! We also went and ate sushi together with Simen’s buddies, quite the mission to get to that one sushi place!

Earth hour also landed on the period while we were in Trondheim so what we did was light up bunch of candles, get some beers and sing some Bare Egil Band songs with a couple of people + guitar. Quite nice touch to the trip haha.

Back in Oslo, another thing i did was to go back to one of my boy scout meetings! It was quite nice seeing old faces that have stuck with it ever since. While I was looking around in the shed that we held our meetings, I saw a few photos of me during my time there haha… xD If you want to see how I looked while I was in Norway, here is your chance (im the dude with the striped blue shirt (which I still have!)).

During my time with Lily (a family friend), the reckless me put my camera on my bed and went to sleep. What do I wake up to? A smashing sound of my camera hitting the floor…. and when I open the camera to check it out, I see smashed glass.. crap. Luckily it was only the filter “phew”! If it was the lens that smashed, im not sure what I would have done…! Lesson, don’t sleep side by side with your camera, no matter how much you love it!

We also had a nice and cozy BBQ at Petter’s (I was at the time sleeping in his basement, petter was supposed to be the first person I went to but due to his mother going through a minor operation, it had to wait until the end of my trip). After the BBQ we went to another concert, Kaizers Orchestra! Really fun going together with a bunch of people, even though we split up into two groups when we were there, it was a total blast!

During my time in Norway, I have slept on countless different beds/sofa’s and floors and I just want to say that I really appreciate the hospitality that everyone has shown me! Thank you all, come over to Canada whenever and sleep on my floor! :D Oh and btw, I bought around 150 dollars worth of chocolate so if you want a bite, come over to my place! I decided to give away the Jura single malt whiskey that I bought from Glasgow just to have more space for chocolate… it’s that good + nostalgic!

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