Lamp Design – OMNION: mini

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The OMNION series focuses on allowing the user to create their own lampshades with any readily available paper. The OMNION:mini is a 3 piece lamp that slots together, creating the structure. The lampshade is whatever sheets of paper one slots into the slits of the lamp structure.

When purchasing this item from my Etsy account, you will receive:

  • Lamp structure (3 pieces)
  • Additional lamp leg for larger sheets of paper
  • Instructional manual (doubles as lampshade)
  • Brown paper that protects the parcel (also doubles as lampshade)

Below is an image of the disassembled lamp.

A graphic showing how to assemble the lamp (this is also included in the instructional manual together with the purchase) . It should be quite straightforward.


After assembly of the pieces + screwing in a lightbulb (under 20W for safety reasons), you will end up with the lamp structure.

Thickness of the paper also plays a role, however the slit is designed to adapt a variety of thicknesses. Play around with layering sheets of paper to create interesting lighting effects and shapes when lit. The slit can hold anything from thin standard printing sheets of paper to milk carton! (however i recommend using sheets between 20lb to 300lb’s in thickness!)

Now that you have assembled the lamp and know a bit more about the lamp, try putting a lampshade into it. Take any 8.5x11in sheet of paper and put it into the slits.
Below are 6 examples of what this lamp + ones imagination is capable of.

Some simple textures by crumpling up the paper then smoothing it out again, revealing the creases.


Folding half of the paper like a fan created this pattern


A 11×17 sheet of paper with 3 random folds + 2 folds to tuck the sides in.


A single fold, revealing an elegant shape and crease


OMNION: mini in specifically optimized for a letter sheet paper (8.5x11in), however every lamp comes with an extra leg unit, allowing for larger sheets of paper to be held. This allows for longer sheets of paper to get placed horizontally. When using this other leg, the paper has to be extra thickness (otherwise the paper will fold onto itself). I recommend papers that are 60lb+  in thickness for this to work properly.

Use this leg to extend the shape horizontally


If the paper is wide enough, it can create a full circle. Place the extra leg on the bottom while putting a small tape piece on the top to hold it together. This lampshade was previously made for the original OMNION, however expect some custom lampshades in the future!


There are many ways of utilizing the OMNION: mini to create interesting lighting. I don’t want to get too philosophical here but there is an infinite amount of possibilities for lampshades when combining elements of the examples above. All that you need to do is to experiment and figure out what kind of lamp scenarios suit you the most!

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