OSAP + What to do next

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First Things First!

So im at a time where there are many things I can do. However, one of my first goals on the list is to get a job. I have applied to a few designer jobs, with no luck so now ill go over to plan B, which is to get a retail/food job and do my designer thing on the side! OSAP and its payment installations has are starting in the end of November so will have to start preparing for that every month. Luckily they have automatic withdrawals from bank accounts, otherwise I would surely forget to do one now and then!


This is a topic that I havent touched at all. Even though my blog has been up for 4 years now, my lack of knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is really harming the growth of the blog. An example is when I google my blog, what information shows up in the link + description? This is what is shown to the searcher and to be frank, things like the description doesn’t describe, engage OR make sense at all! Also naming images properly, making XML site maps, back linking etc are concepts that i only lightly touched upon.. THIS WEEK! So yea, this is certainly a skill that i want to learn more about and is high on my to-do list!

Etsy Updates

I made an Etsy account not too long ago, and what I have had issues with is to STAY CONSISTENT with creation. I think this is a re-occurring issue for me unfortunately… I really struggle with making a schedule for myself and sticking to it. Not sure how I will fix this lack of consistency BUT it’s certainly something that is on my mind more than it should be!

More Blog Posts!

I have a few tutorials lined up that i want to write and together with a “once a week” challenge i will be doing together some of my OCADU buddies (they will be drawing theme’d drawings once a week while i will make a tutorial!). By forcing me to create something once a week through the pressure of my peers, expect me to stay on the ball when it comes to these tutorials!

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