Outer Earth: A Boardgame Prototype

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Outer Earth is a boardgame I have been designing for 2 months. I have had some thoughs on designing boardgames but what pushed it over the edge was a competition by Cards Against Humanities for first time and unpublished game designers. I saw this as hitting two birds with one stone and here I am, two months later with a prototype boardgame!

Here is a detailed PDF version of the rules

A video of the basic mechanics and components of Outer Earth:

Outer Earth – Preview from Paul Tseng on Vimeo.

Some prototype component photos:

Outer_Earth_Post 1 copy Outer_Earth_Post 3 copy Outer_Earth_Post 2 copy Outer_Earth_Post 4 copy Outer_Earth_Post 5 copy Outer_Earth_Post 7 copy Outer_Earth_Post 6 copy

Artwork in progress by Daniel Orellana

Planet_2000 copy

Space_Cows_2000 copy

Look forward for more boardgame updates!


  1. Roger Cotton
    7 Sep ’14


    Have you made more progress on this game? I am very interested in it, and would love to assist in its design and development.

    • Paul
      7 Sep ’14

      Hey Roger,

      You caught me while I was updating my website!

      As for Outer Earth, it has constantly been in development and it is actually planning a Kickstarter launch for the end of September (this month!) Check out official website for new and updated info on the game. If you want to stay in the loop for the Kickstarter, I highly recommend checking out the facebook page!

      I love how you follow up through this blog post, you are a true Outer Earth trooper :D

  2. Roger Cotton
    2 Jul ’13

    Excellent presentation of the game and game concepts!

    This looks like a game I would play!

    • Paul
      2 Jul ’13

      Thanks, glad that you like it. The game will for sure mature as time goes by so stay tuned! :D

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