Photo assignments

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Photo assignments

Been awhile since i have posted anything so here goes!

Short story, had two photo assignments, first was to represent curiosity (first photo), then it was to represent a hidden characteristic i had (competetive). Those last photos are just me playing around with light and exposure.. No photoshop used! Read more to figure out how!

Had two photo assignments from the same class (Graphic communications). The first one was to represent an emotion through photography (this teacher was pretty smart and made us choose our emotion beforehand so you actually had a goal when you took photos instead of taking 200+ and choosing the best photo that is an emotion!) The emotion i chose was curious… why did i make it complicated for myself! O well it turned out decent so i shouldn’t complain. —-> first photo

The second assignment was to represent a hidden characteristic that you had. This one required a bit more thinking but in the end i decided to try and show how i am a really competitive person (example: started playing pool to beat some people but now its become a really fun hobby!) Asked my sister for advice on it and got a good hint when it came to glare strips (the black stuff under my eyes) which really does show competitiveness when combined with my look! Attempted to get that evil look also, got that down too lol! —-> second photo is the one i used while the other B/W some “runner ups”

And inbetween all of the photo taking (at least 250+ photos taken) i played around with multiple exposure! The last photos have not been tinkered with photoshop with layers and effects (only levels to make it look prettier) Some camera’s have a feature on the camera that lets you create this effect when taking multiple photos, checked out if my D70 had it, ofcourse it didnt… So in researching more i learned about this technique where you could cover the lense with a cap, then move around creating the effect, pretty hard to do and didnt want to ask my sister for help so ditched that idea lol.
The technique i used requires a decent spot light, a camera that can keep its shutter open (i had bulb mode on my camera, the downfall of this more is that you have to press and hold the button down for the shutter to be down.. some camera’s have the option so that when you click once, the shutter is open, then click again to close the shutter which would make your life a lot easier.)
So first you set up your spotlight so that when you flip the switch, it shines on whatever/whoever. Then you need to turn off all the lights, the room has to be totally dark for this. At last you need a tripod/some sturdy books.
When the lights are off, press the shutter button, now the shutter should be open but since the room is totally dark, it takes up no light. turn on the light for around a sec then turn it off. Change your position, rinse and repeat!
Thats how you get that effect without programs like photoshop! Its pretty satisfying to do it manually also.

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