Planar face

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Planar face

So here is yet another one of my projects. The objective was to create a 3D sculpture of your partners face using planar objects (flat materials like paper, cardboard and so on).

First i created a mock up model with paper since i knew that i had to do some tests before i actually began cutting into the foam board. Later on when i started with the foam board i realized that the paper tests were redundant since the different features of the two materials. Paper is super fragile and bends like no tomorrow while foam board is stiff like card board. I pretty much had to redesign it all again since the concepts with paper did not work as well with foam board.

Less talk more photo, here you go.


  1. paultseng
    1 Nov ’08

    when i feel like it :p

  2. Fei
    1 Nov ’08

    Hey bro!!!

    Looking good! Keep up the awesome work! When are you gonna publish your Garamond set???



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