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Sooo its been a while! Just some updates on my life, currently in the last week or two of school, kinda stressful since all the projects need wrapping up at this point.

Glasgow is still happening, sent the acceptance letter, applied for the bursaries and stuffs. Now all i need to do is book the ticket!

On to the project, i have this class called Guerilla Entrepreneurship where i at the end of it, i have to create a product and make a business plan around it.

First off, the name which my company will be under is Jubula, (a kind of owl) a name that through its meaning, represents wisdom. That said, its not only a pillow made into a pokeball, its also a small nugget of wisdom!

Remember when you were playing pokemon back in the day, when you threw a pokeball to catch a pokemon, there was this “trick” of pressing and holding A + B + Down to increase the catch rate! There were multiple variations of this technique but A + B + Down was the one i used! TBH i dont think it ever did a difference LOL. To wrap it all together ill say this.. its so fluffy!!


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  2. Redostrike
    22 Mar ’12

    Not to be rude or anything but A + B + Down does nothing ;)

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