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So if you havent heard yet, i applied for an exchange student program (which would take place in my third year, second semester) The school i applied to was Glasgow School of Art. There were multiple schools out there which i could choose from but i really wanted to apply to a challenging school (just for the kicks, and who doesnt want to go to the UK!).

I ofcourse had to make a portfolio for this application, in the end i made 4 different portfolio’s (all with the same artwork kept on tweaking it to make it look the best it could!). I have video footage of 3/4 of the portfolio’s. The one that was missing was the one that i handed in (just finished it on the day of the due date, meaning i didnt have time to record it lol) which led me to make a FOURTH portfolio, so that i could take a video of it :P

If i fail to enter Glasgow.. ill be applying for the next deadline but to Denmark! =)

Update: My school chose me as the student to go to Glasgow School of Art they sent my application to Scotland to be approved! Hopefully its a smooth process on their end also..!

Exchange Program – Portfolio Final from Paul Tseng on Vimeo.

Here is a video of the first and second renditions of the portfolio

Portfolio Roughs from Paul Tseng on Vimeo.


  1. Paul
    30 Mar ’10

    I had this pop up phase a year or so back so i have a few books on it haha. Just let me know if you wanna borrow some, they are some interesting reads!

  2. Jeannie
    30 Mar ’10

    Pop up portfolio! How did you do that?

    P.S Looks really really good!


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