Postcards & Faster Than Light

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Postcard Production

This weeks blog post was supposed to be all about how I am making some post cards with my mother’s paintings (here are some of them) on them for her to sell at Beaux Art Brampton. Below is a small batch of 24 cards i made for her. My preferred method of payment? A stocked up fridge + homemade food!

Post Cards

Faster Than Light

I had PLANS of creating a new batch of postcards for this blog post HOWEVER there was this one video on Youtube that totally steered me off this path. The video in question is of Day9 playing FTL P01 and after a few more videos of Sean playing, I was convinced that i had to get the game… ASAP!

It has so far been a FTL filled day and I can sadly say that i have NOT finished the game/gotten past sector 5 on Normal mode. I’m going to try to wiggle my way through Normal mode, however it’s looking quite bleak! Will have to think of some new strategies/methods/get lucky throughout my next playthroughs. Here is a SS of my high scores so far, nothing to brag about, that’s for sure xD FTL

In the near future, there will be a website commission both me and my sister will be double teaming to finish. It has a deadline of somewhere in March and that’s all that i can say about it for now! Also I would have to make some more postcards for my mother soon, better not get stuck in a nebula or something o.o

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