Secret Santa Hat!

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So we had a small secret santa event going on with my Bramptonians and i ended up getting Polly which had a wishlist of gloves, hat or both! I of course ended up making that had and this is what i made in the end.

It is a hat that crunches at the back. A button at the rim and a strap from the top of the hat is what keeps the crunch effect in place. The same styled buttons are ordered on the side. Unfortunately these are totally sewed together it cannot be opened.. o well nobody is gonna open them anyways!

It is made out of wool and it is a double layered hat, making it extra warm. I got a lot of expert help on this project (referring to mom and grand ma!) so i think this will be the best hat ive made and probably will ever make lol

I also had my mom and grandma model the hat a bit to see how it fit! The last photo is a photo frame which i got as a SS present from Ber! Love it!

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