Sketchbook #2

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I have FINALLY gotten around to making that second sketchbook and what can i say other than LOL…!

I had to actually go through two binding processes on this book due to my “hey lets experiment” mentality. If you look at the images in the gallery, what i first attempted was to put three rows stitches really close together and see if the book still became usable. The result was a pretty wobbly book…

So after that i decided that having this wobbly book would just annoy me to pieces so i decided to add a japanese binding lookalike to both sides of the spine, making the book nice and sturdy!

For the cover, i scavenged my whole apartment for something to use and found this Styrofoam board that had been lying in my closet for a good year now. At the time it seemed like an amazing find but 5 minutes later after i bound it together with the signatures, i realized that it didnt look as hot as i had intended it to be haha. Sooo i grabbed some coptic markers and coloured them in.

The end result? A book that looks like it has been vandalized by a whole kindergarden class LOL

Ill make sure i finish this sketchbook before heading back to school after summer. I think my next sketchbook will be coverless, just the plain signatures look pretty stunning by themselves!

Also ill probably document a more step by step process for the next sketchbook i make so that i can actually show how to make one… hopefully!

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