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Better late than never, wanted to wait until i had my new website layout up before i started posting so here goes a small marathon of posts i guess!

Ill start with a project that i did for my graphic translation class, the main objective was to encourage Torontonians to explore within toronto instead of going out of the country when they have a vacation (staycation). Toronto is quite a diverse palce where multiple cultures clash which makes every nook and corner a place to find new and interesting stuffs!

Just to name a few of the ethnic places we have in toronto; Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Koreatown, Greek Town, Gerrard India Bazaar etc. So the project focused on motivating people to explore these places within toronto!

My concept was to focus on the different foods that were unique to the places around toronto and represent them through a food plush toy. The plushes that i made were pretty basic but by adding this new element to the posters, it kinda gave that extra personal feel to the viewer.

In the first image, from left to right the plushes are fish soup (Portugal), kimchi (Korea), Souvlaki (Greece), curry (India), Jerk chicken (Carribean) , Pizza (Italy), Polish sausages (Poland) and Dumplings (China).

After making the plushes i took photos of them and incooperated it into the posters. Used my own handwriting to make that human connection with the viewer. Not sure if it worked… lol

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