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League of Legends Data

I ended up seeing some posts about recording mouse movements through IO Graphica while playing League of Legends and I thought I would put in my two cents (since I did some research on this during my thesis this year). I also love playing League of Legends and feel that it certainly is a game that allows for this kind of research depth!

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Life + CNC machine

The summer went quite well, after coming back from Norway, I knew that I had to take summer school since the exchange student program I did mentioned that I would not receive any liberal study (but in the end I DID get a liberal course which i could not use since they told me too late + I took it over the summer… =_=). Anyhow I ended up taking 4 courses over the summer! I did it so that my course load during thesis would be a bit lighter as I am in my 4th year + taking a year-long thesis program (highly recommend people taking summer school, I should have done it earlier, that’s not sarcasm!).

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