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Tenure Book 25At the end of last year (Nov – Dec ’12) I had a commission to create and design a book for Mason White that he could apply for tenure status with. The goal was to compile Mason’s educational, creative and written practice into one book. He works at a design office called Lateral Office + teaches at UoT. This book would then be used to apply for teacher tenure at UoT. If you don’t know what a tenure position is, here is a small summary of teacher tenure.

Teacher tenure, which is sometimes called career status, provides job security for teachers who have successfully completed a probationary period. The purpose is to protect good teachers from being fired for non-educational issues including personal beliefs, personality conflicts with administrators or school board members… 

It was my first book project that spanned over 300+ pages that I would get printed. I have done multiple small one-off productions at OCADU, however I was quite ecstatic to get this opportunity! The book consists of three main sections that are Teaching, Creative Practice and Writing. Each of these sections have layouts that distinguished the type of information that was provided. Once I had the layouts figured out, it then turned into a InDesign chug along fest. I ALSO learned more about GREP styles, which is styles taken to the next level! Super handy if you need to style something specific within a style.

Just recently did I finally get my hands on this tenure book to see how it turned out, here are some documentation photos of the book. Unfortunately I did not get a copy of the book, so these photos will have to do. I can certainly see myself doing more books in the future, looking forward to more jobs like this!


  1. Jeannie
    16 Jan ’13

    Nice! The results look great, what a huge endeavor!

    • Paul
      21 Jan ’13

      Thanks Jeannie. It was lots of late nights but soooo worth it once it finally was done/in my hands!

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