The epic mouse captures!

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Its been a while now since i updated my website so here is a few weeks of stuff! So a long mice story short, in our apartment we have had a total of three mice incidents. All three have been caught and released in one way or another!

The long story
So there were a total of three mice incident, this is the story of the first one which we have the most media (photos and the video) of, since it was the “first”). We hesitated the most with this one which let to its capture many days after we knew it was around. So how we managed to corner it (like in the video) was when my sis saw it run into our storage closet in our living room. We had attempted to catch it when it was in our open living room but it was waaaayy too fast for us so in the end we trapped it in this closet and covered the bottom of the door with some foamboard that was from one of my art projects.
We were still hesitant after trapping and since it was late at night, we both went to bed. After planning our next actions before going to sleep, our gameplan for the morning was to slowly take our the stuff in the closet (and ofcourse make sure that there were no mice in those objects) until we were left with an empty closer with only the mice in it!) Ofcourse, i was nominated to be the one to go into the closet while my sister stood on the outside to recieve the items that were given the “OK” sign of not containing the mouse. So we started this closet emptying journey and when we were done taking around 90% of the stuff out, we started to get anxious.. where was it! After taking the last stuff out we thought “oh crap we missed it”, until i realized that we still didnt check the top level of the closet! My sisters old bag was up there and as i slowly took it down, i saw the mouse at once in the side pocket! Threw the bag to the ground , then when it started running around, took away the bag so it was only me and the mouse left.
Then used a plastic container to capture it (in the video you see how little space it was for me to capture the mouse but it took like 5 min or so, it was jumping/running crazily everywhere! In the end when the box was over it, we used the technique shown in the video to seal it off. We kept it for a day or so debating on what we were suppose to do with it and decided that on the next night, we would go into the nearby park and release it, so thats what we did, ending the story of the first one!

The second one
This one didnt feel as epic, maybe because it was the second one. So yet again, we knew that there was a mouse in our house. So as we were doing our everyday stuff in the living room, it started running around there. This one though was waay smaller than the first one, The size of a standard eraser around. Since it was so young, it was also more daring, as we minded our own business while looking out for it, the mouse started coming closer and closer to us. When it was right by my feet, it started crawling into some artwork that was rolled up into a cylinder. When it did that, i took two sheets of paper and covered both the top and bottom, trapping it in. Then we did the same “cookie cutter”, put it into the plastic box and waited for a few nights to release it. This time we went and released it by some backalley, hoping it would find another place to live.

The third one
This one really made my heart pump, being alone at home while my sister was at school. I noticed that there was this other mouse sleeping on a piece of carpet in the same closet (which we caught the first mouse). After debating on what i should do, grabbed this huge transparent bag from the aboveground arts store right by my school, and slowly went to capture it with my hands (since it was sleeping) I hesitated for a long time, thinking if i should do it or not, in the end i just ignored the hesitation and went for it. After putting it in the plastic box, i decided to get rid of it at once. Went to a further away park and released it. When i released it, it didnt move for the longest time. I thought that it was doing some self defense in pretending to be dead so i walked up to it and poked it, no motion. Due to the cold, it had started to freeze up! Not wanting it to die on the road, i picked it up and went to a near by pet veterinary, to see what they could do. When we got there we warmed it up with towels and they told me that (because it was only a baby mouse) either we will have to release it and pretty much let it die, or to take care of it. I called my sister and in the end, we decided to take care of it so i took it home, this time instead of the freezing cold plastic box, in my jacket pocket. When i came home, i prepared another plastic box with some food, water and brown paper for it to hide in. After a short period of time, it started to become really lively, so we thought that everything would be fine, while planning ahead of its future. The next morning, we find it dead in the box…

That was the stories of our mice a few months ago, we havent had any ever since then (thank god!)


  1. Paul
    10 Apr ’09

    They are like small pets, nothing to be afraid about. If it was rats (the big ones) then i would show no mercy since those things are scary! Bust out a rat trap ASAP! lol

  2. miri
    9 Apr ’09

    wah….so scary. U both seems don’t really scare at all.


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