The final days of Glasgow

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There were many things happening in the week before I left for Amsterdam with the  class. First let me start with the pancake day!

Pancake day

On March 8th, it is pancake day in the UK. And what other things is there than to eat pancakes on a special day like that! Other than the massive amounts of pancakes that were made all day, I also bought a kilt that day. I obviously had to wear it for pancake day! After looking at the photos of the pancake day I also realized something. My camera really SUCKS in low light conditions. The image below was made decent through a LOT of tweaking…

50mm lens

I was set on fixing this issue since it clearly hindered the photos that were taken! I wasnt sure if I would have to buy a totally new camera or just the lens so I did some researching here and there. The Nifty Fifty (aka a 50mm prime lens) caught my eye as a solution to my low light problems so I went down to a local camera shop and asked to try it out. Dang it was such a big difference. The low F-stop really brought in so much extra light than what im used to.

So it was set, I would buy a 50mm lens, but there were two different ones I could choose from. One had a F-stop value that was two steps higher, this lens was however one-third of the price to the other one which was two F-stops below. After trying both I came to a conclusion that I would get the more expensive one since I would be using this lens all the time and those two extra F-stops would be invaluable in low light conditions. After a month or so of purchase I must say that it was the right choice! My camera is way more versatile overall and I don’t need to turn up the ISO or turn down the Shutter speed tremendously to get the images I imagine myself taking.

After buying the 50mm F1.4 lens I kinda went on a mini shooting spree. Took some pictures in our studio and then went to the VIC with Martin where I had some pints while taking some more photos! And to end off the day, I took a few more photos in our apartment. It was a photo filled day to say the least.

Chinese food in Glasgow

For my last day in Glasgow, my roommates and I went to this chinese restaurant that had a buffet. It was yummy + it had been awhile since I had eaten chinese. The unlimited amount of food was also a big plus haha. Somethings to remember, Sam’s kiwi challenge. Ice cream that looked like turd. Breb’s crotch holding and endless talk about nasty things people had seen online… lol xD

The night ended with 3 movies in a row (I had to say gnite at like 2.5 movies, was so dead tired + I had to wake up early the next day =_=)

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  1. Lee Fong
    8 Apr ’11

    Great pics, Paul. See you soon in Cda! LF


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