The Omnion

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The Omnion

Recently in one of my summer courses, I had a course which I thought was a small bundle of joy! What I am referring to is a course called “Small Object Design”. Now this course is probably not everyone’s cup of tea (You had to learn Rhino (a 3D modeling software) from a huge manual on your spare time, the course was condensed since it was offered during the summer and it went into the third dimension). But nonetheless I found it super enjoyable!

What I think made me enjoy this course more than other courses was the 3D aspect of it. We had to model an object in Rhino and use CAM (Computer Aided Machines) to help us create the object. Now I have always had a hidden passion for 3D object, but after thinking of what would benefit me in the long run, I decided that a Graphic Design Major would benefit me more than an Industrial Design Major… Who would known that I would be getting the best of both worlds!

So in this class we had to take a earlier project and recreate it with the benefits of CAM. What I decided to redesign was my egg lamp, I have always thought that the lamp I created back in my first year was one of the most enjoyable object I have made in my time at OCAD which is probably why I wanted to try to recreate its success!

What I ended up creating was a minimalistic two piece lamp which one could attach different lasercut paper lampshades to, depending on what kind of lighting effect you were aiming for. Instead of having me talk about the lamp, take a look at these images!

A small update on me, I am still taking summer courses (took a total of 4 this summer, also the first time I have ever taken school courses during the summer). My sister and I are working on a website job so that will hopefully pay the rent for a while. Went to Kirk’s castle, for two days, oh man how much of a blast it was + recently learnt how to not hold my nose under the water!!



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