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As a 4th year OCADU student, we have a year-long final thesis project that focuses on whatever you want to that relates to the major you are in. In this year, the graphic design thesis at OCADU has changed a bit.

There is now two different branches that one can pick. The first one is the regular one where you focus on a self-generated topic for a year. The other one, from what i have heard is a series of smaller projects. The second seems to me to be an extension of the graphic design core classes we have done before. I had personally decided a long time ago and i was fully committed to the year-long single thesis project. How can you NOT want to work on your own interests for a full year! For some people, this seems like a really tough task but unless you start somewhere, you will just keep on staying in your comfort zone throughout your whole design career! Take a risk and do a year-long thesis!

Below i will give somewhat of a summary of what my thesis looks like after the first semester, if you want to read a bit more about it, here is a download link to the final process book that i had to create for that semester (I would recommend downloading it and viewing two pages at the time, like it was supposed to be viewed. (in adobe acrobat its through view –> page display –> two page view/scrolling!)

My thesis statement in a nutshell goes as following “By pushing the boundaries of materials, I will explore the communication of information through the third dimension.” This nugget went through a lot of refinement to get to this point. I am however super glad that it has changed so much over this first semester. In the beginning, I was kinda clueless about how I wanted to approach my thesis but it has worked out well so far.

I did tons of explorations with paper and light throughout the semester. I also worked with string and wire to create some interesting shapes. In the lather part of the semester, I made it a mission to learn grasshopper (a plugin for Rhino which is a 3D modeling software!). That really became a black hole for my time allocation, in my next semester I will for sure focus on creating more stuff instead of trying to learn a software! Personally I think that I didn’t really get into the thesis groove this semester, but hopefully that groove will come into play next semester so that an amazing thesis is created :D Below are some key images of the things that I did during my thesis this semester. I really recommend looking at the process book PDF that I made for a more in-depth story on those images!

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