Tiles vs Cards

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For the development of Outer Earth, I had a perception that the game would be a cardgame and stuck with that route. My tunnel vision might have brushed off some other options, now TILES are looking quite suitable for the game. To get a better grasp of the dilemma, I started a comparison of tiles vs cards.

Pros, Cons and Thoughts  for Outer Earth


  • Thrown back into the bag when used. This solves the issue of shuffling cards back in.
  • Always refills the industry pool
  • Small and tactile
  • rotation + placement opens up paths and scoring mechanics
  • The “feel” of building on a planet through tile placement
  • Needs a scrabble holder of some sort
  • More expensive to produce for high-end tiles
  • Less artwork, focus on minimalist game look
  • Unique Components


  • Easy to hold cards in hand
  • Cheap to produce
  • Card Cascading for scoring.
  • Focus on Artwork and vivid world generation.
  • Reshuffling gets annoying
  • Needs excess of cards since the industry pool doesn’t constantly get refilled.
  • Generic component, cards are widely used in games.
  • Focus on Artwork and vivid world generation. This makes the initial cost quite high

As for now, what I will attempt is to explore the tile option and see where it takes me. Even though it looks good on paper and in my head, until its down on a prototype and either Tiles or Cards come out ahead, I will keep both options open!

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