To do list: Summer edition

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With my first summer without an expectation of going back to school as September rolls on by, i thought it was important to set up a mini check-list for myself on priorities so here it is! How it will work is that i make a point form list, as i finish the project + have a conclusive blog post, it will go into the “complete” section. Here goes the point form list!

In Progress

  • Make a wooden Settlers of Catan board with a Minecraft theme.
  • Refine and create a better lamp with a modular lamp shade.
  • Do a wooden purse commission that is coming up soon. (Think this one went down the drain, did not get to talk to the dude…)
  • Get a job/internship


  • Got an internship at the Gladstone Hotel as their Marketing intern!
  • Ended up being a part of the 5,10, 15, 20 pop up show.

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