“Try Something New” Poster

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So here i have another project form my Typography 3 class. This time it is a poster!

The assignment was to choose between 5 and 15 typefaces that one could rely on in times of need. After a week or so the assignment brief kinda shifted and now we had to somewhat have a concept that brought all the chosen typefaces together! Luckily for me, i had hardly started thinking about the typefaces i wanted to choose so it wasnt as big of a setback for me compared to some other students who had to pretty much start from square one again.

After looking through the whole Adobe typeface library + browsing stuff online i decided that my concept would revolve around typefaces that i have never used before but probably will in the future! The typefaces i chose were Chalet, Soho, Athelas, Officina, Museo Sans and Esta. I created a poster where the viewer could rip of a small sample of the typeface if they wanted to “try something new”. I think this is such a vital concept for people new to art and design, dont get stuck doing the same thing over and over. Expand your vision!


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  3. kirk
    3 Jan ’11

    Paul! I love this concept! The idea of the rip tags are the cherry on top!


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