Tseng render’s

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Well this was pretty much a typography assignment where one had to take either their first or last name and hand render it in 6 times, two times in capitals and the other 4 times in lower case. This was a project that spanned over 3 weeks meaning that each week we had to render the same stuff BUT in a different medium, in the end you would end up with 18 different renderings.

The mediums that i chose were pencil, sharpie and gouache. The pencil ones are in my sketchbook so i had to take photos of them to hand in. The sharpie ones looked the best imo. Gouache was just blobby =_=

The fonts that we had to render were Garamond, Times new roman, Helvetica Neue and Baskerville. Helvetica Neue and Garamond were the ones we had to do in capitals.

There was no tracing involved (but i used grid paper on the two outside of my sketchbook) so each time we drew them, hopefully we would see an improvement… It was a tedious project… but once they were all collected, the sheer amount of renderings gave out a certain amount of satisfaction =)

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