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Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Blog | 4 Comments

Its been a while since i posted something new, and i do have some reasons for that! Anyways here is the short summary of whats new!

  • Summer has started a few weeks ago and it feels great!
  • I got into the Glasgow exchange program! OCAD sent the application to Glasgow to be approved so hopefully there wont be any bumps along the road
  • Some of you might have heard that i met some SEO’s at the Rivoli pool hall and i might have had an summer internship, after some back and forth emailing, me checking their place out and saying that i could only afford to take up a paid internship, the whole thing ended up as a nay… so ill have to go and apply for some summer jobs real soon!
  • Thinking of getting a haircut, its always good to go looking for a job with a fresh cut!
  • I have been taking a bartending certificate course at the TIB institute for two weeks now, and its tons of fun! Its a four week program so two more weeks to go!
  • The OCAD grad show is on thursday, thats gonna be interesting!
  • Heard of Google Adsense? Well i have been debating for a long time now if i wanted to add it to my blog, and my verdict was no…! What i am going to do though is make another website more general website with online advertising. So a summary of that, paultseng.net = projects and personal blog posts while this new site will have tutorials, information, handy tips/tricks that i have learnt as a student. I think this second website will accommodate the general public more than what paultseng.net does.
  • My hosting provider is currently WebHostingBuzz but im planning to change that to InMotion Hosting since they have a better plan for hosting two domains.
  • I got Modern Warfare 2 on the PC.. damn that stuff is addicting haha. Also want to try out the Beta Starcraft 2 (it actually got an official release date of july 27, amazing haha)
  • We did a major house cleanup a few days ago.. HUGE dust bunnies!

So ill try to update this site every now and then over the summer but if nothings happening, im probably looking for a job, bartending, gaming, drinking etc etc… you know, summer stuff!


  1. Jenn
    5 May ’10

    haha! MW2…. you play all the time now!

    do something crazy with your hair again!
    haha like that awesome cut you got last year with the half bowl on one side :D

    • Paul
      5 May ’10

      Its called an addiction LOL
      Noo, if i did something crazy with my hair again, i wont look “normal” haha. Ill probably do something once i have integrated myself into the job, making it acceptable to do something crazy! You know with that bowl cut i got last summer, i was kinda scared of what they would think of it when i walked into that restaurant job that i had, since looks matter xD Luckily it worked out fine :P

  2. Jeannie
    4 May ’10

    Haircut?? But what about the headband? THE HEADBAND!

    • Paul
      4 May ’10

      Somethings gotta go and it was either a haircut or a gender change.. j/k! It will probably be back by Christmas haha, long hair = warm head!

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