Making a website header

Even though i should be doing homework for the end of semester crunchtime. I just felt that taking a few hours designing a header for ObserveDesign was needed! ObserveDesign used to be a tutorial website that i wanted to work on, now it is actually combined together here with my blog!

The first header concept that i wanted to use was to have hand drawn letters. Did it all and spent a few hours splicing together the letters on one plane. Result? Didnt like how it turned out… It just didnt give out the feel i expected it to give out!

So i decided to cut my losses and totally ditched the hand drawn letter concept. Started playing around with just solid typography in illustrator. Was not exactly what i wanted either for the website. I felt that it became too.. not personal!

So while still playing around in illustrator thinking that changing the color scheme would make it look as i wanted it to look, i somehow got enlightened by the messy tabletop where i was working. Took a photo of it, added some solid typography and voila, we have a header that im satisfied with!

Note how the typography is always in the same place, really wanted it there haha. Check out ObserveDesign in the coming weeks, will have some nifty posts coming up there when the semester is over!

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