Published work!

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Published work!

So one day i see my friend Erica join this “” group on facebook and decide to check it out. After reading a bit i come to an understanding that it is a website that promotes artists/designers all around the world for free by selecting two design pieces (one graphic and one product) every day to create a book at the end of the year with a design for every day. One hour later i submit my egg lamp and a week or so later, i get a confirmation that its been selected (to be in the 2010 book and shown on their website on 21/02/2009)

A few weeks after that, i submit my Garamond “r” and it also gets accepted, so now im thinking that its kinda fishy that they actually selected both of them so lets wait and see if it actually shows up on the website on the specific dates! This one is suppose to be on their site on 05/03/2009.

Also at the beginning of 2010, they will be publishing a book with all the 365 designs, so ill be defiantly buying that! Check out the website if you have time, everyday they post the new selected design of the day. Click to check out the two photos that were chosen + the email they sent me!

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